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Kakuyo Shoji Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. Since the establishment, we have developed our own channels around the world and accumulated a lot of experiences through ship broking business, and now we became a leading ship broking house with professional services for the sale and purchase of Japanese second hand vessels, especially tankers. At present, we have a track record of exporting overseas a large majority of Japanese second hand vessels.

As to the kinds of vessels, we are handling a great number of tankers from the fleet of our parent company - Tsurumi Sunmarine Co., Ltd., one of the largest operating companies for domestic trading vessels in Japan and operates more than 200 tankers now -. We also deal in cargo vessels, passenger boats, ferries and work ships like tug boats, barges etc.

Kakuyo Shoji is handling many tankers from the fleet of our parent company - Tsurumi Sunmarine who is the biggest tanker operator for domestic trading in Japan and operating more than 200 vessels now - and also handling dry cargo ships, passenger boats, Ferries, and work ships like tug boats, barges etc.

We are globalizing our business range, which is not limited to Far East and South East Asia but extended to the near and Middle East, Europe, Africa and so on.

These days, we are not only concentrating on Japanese second hand vessels but also expanding our business to new building field. Supported by our close relationship with Japanese shipbuilders, we are able to provide great values and opportunities to the clients over the world.


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